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New opportunities to train online

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Can't travel and no comps to go to? Let us help you online.

What a crazy time we are living in. With all the unknowns and competitions cancelled it can be easy to loose sight of your goals and plans for the year.

If you are looking for some options to keep you motivated and striving forward with training and knowledge we would love you to join us in our latest Parbery Program Fundamentals course where you can join a group of like minded people to help support you in achieving your goals and help keep you motivated and accountable for them.

Other options we can help you with are online lessons or even sending video footage for training and competition advise.

To find out more on The Parbery Program Fundamentals course click on our link in the menu bar of our website "Parbery Program" or for online lesssons and video reviews email for more info.

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